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Any farmer can tell you that he needs more than just an ordinary homeowner policy to protect all of his "stuff" (farm buildings, equipment, tools, crops, animals, etc.), and to protect himself against risks that ordinary homeowners don't have to deal with.  When a dog or cat gets hit by a car, you suffer the loss of the animal.  But when a cow gets hit by a car, you suffer the loss of the cow and the financial burden of replacing the vehicle and paying for the driver's injuries.

And yet, most farm operations don't really have the exposures that an industrial operation like a factory would face either.  The typical farm is somewhere in between these two:  more than just a homeowner, but not quite a full-blown commercial risk.

To complicate matters, the needs and risks of different types of farms can vary greatly.  A dairy farm is a completely different "animal" than an equine boarding and breeding operation.  Those that farm for grains and produce have very different issues than those who primarily are in the livestock business.  Yes, they all have some things in common, but they are just as different as they are similar.

The degree of farming is also an issue to be addressed in putting together the right insurance plan.  Some people don't really consider themselves farmers at all, yet they may lease a good deal of land to someone who does.  By virtue of owning the land, they are indeed just as much of a farmer as the one who utilizes it when it comes to liability issues.  Chemical spills, drifting and misapplications, livestock containment and farm hand injury are just a few of the issues that can cause an ordinary homeowner to become embroiled in a farm-related lawsuit without ever having left the living room.  And an ordinary homeowner policy would do nothing to protect against these things.

Then there is the hobby or gentleman farmer.  They work a full time job in town during the day, and spend their evenings and weekends on the tractor a good portion of the year.  They have a few animals, but not enough to cover the cost of their own feed and maintenance expenses.  They farm for the enjoyment of the experience and the satisfaction of selling their produce at a roadside stand, not for the money.

Finally, there is the full-time farmer.  His farm is his life, and likely was for generations before and will be for generations to come.  It's not only his source of income, but it's also the object of his time, energy, mental engagement, and ultimately his "retirement" plan.  When a piece of planting equipment breaks down, getting around to it some day is not an option.  When it rains too little or too much, he's keenly aware of it.  For this type of farmer, the challenges that await in the next season are never very far off.

Because the needs of farmers are so diverse, no one policy will fit every situation.  That's why you need an agent that is able to customize the policy and the insurance carrier to your unique needs, whether you're a lessor, hobby farmer or a large producer; whether your farm is fruits, grains, vegetables, vineyards, poultry, sheep, cattle, swine, equine, alpacas, or dairy; whether you're traditional, custom or organic, and whether you're confinement or free range.

Compass Insurance & Financial Group represents some of the finest agricultural insurers in the industry, from the largest national carriers with a tremendous amount of resources, to some very nice regional carriers with a great heritage in the farming community.  We will find the right carrier and tailor the right coverages to your particular farming operation... all at the right price. 

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